COLLEVERDE: Agriturismo con “GATTERIA” – (+ a few dogs)

We are so used to doing, that we have lost the art of being. And in this, cats are true masters

-Anna Sólyom

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Cats as masters of life?

You will certainly be able to test this philosophy in Colleverde!

We are animal lovers with a “very slight” preference towards cats, which have invaded our apartment in the winter, while in the summer they roam around the agritourism, looking for pampering and a few crumbs from your tempting plate (wouldn’t you prefer it to the kibble in their bowls?).


Many of our cats appreciate a good cuddle, some will come for a walk with you (provided your pace isn’t too fast, THEY are on holiday!), they all strike a pose to be admired and be the center of attention.

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Cats and Dogs

If you come with your dog, don’t worry, Colleverde cats know exactly how to behave: scowl from afar and rush up trees when necessary.


In the countryside dogs are a must: we have 3 of them, Maremma Sheppard crossbreeds, with sweet eyes and an imposing size.

Our dogs enjoy indoor rooms and a fenced outdoor area. They only come out in our company since their size can be intimidating to the less accustomed people.


During your stay, if you’re lucky, you might come across some wildlife, which move more boldly at night: wild boar, fallow deer, hares, porcupines, foxes, …

Over our heads there is a great fluttering of wings and melodies: hoopoes, finches, blackbirds, sparrows, jays, kingfishers, crows, the majestic buzzards, the nocturnal barn owls and owls; just to mention some of the birds in our skies.

Colleverde, nature as far as the eye can see!